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Education is the most important thing that differentiates between learning and acquiring knowledge. Educational system is supposed to be the backbone of any country because it will produce doctors, engineers, civil servants and bookmen. Those who can build a strong foundation of a developing country. 

So here we have to find out that what can help Pakistan accelerate current education trends for quality, access and gender equity from preprimary to secondary education.

I want to start my argument by looking into the Literacy rate of Pakistan.

In this map we can easily read the current literacy ratio in Pakistan. As you can see that the literacy rate is not according to the population of the particular area. My point here is to remove the maximum difference between different provinces of Pakistan and literate maximum students.

There must be enough schools and teachers to provide quality education to students.

Now lets have a look at the ratio of schools and teachers in Pakistan.

Here we can clearly see that the total number of institutions are 5625 and number of Primary institutions are exceeding the level of par excellence and number of degree colleges is below par.

Here we feel the need of increasing the number of middle and high schools in the comparison of primary schools. Although this ratio is increasing day by day because now educationists are not waiting for the big wide specific buildings to build up a school rather they are using small spaces to utilize them as an institution which is a good thing and a bad one as well. Good in the sense of increasing the number of institutions and bad because this is decreasing the level of quality education.

How can a student learn about sportsman spirit without jumping into the ground, how can a nerd get a chance to be a chess champion by only dreaming about it.

Education is not cramming the books and inking the paper without knowing the basic idea.

The responsibility lies on the shoulder of an Educationist but our system wants them to be really free.

There are many institutions, having no teachers, no educational structure and even no building.

Government should play a vital role here. If the name of the institution is registered this is the primary responsibility of government to make sure the school is in running condition.

Pakistan ranks 113th among 120 countries regarding literacy rate, which is projected to reach 60 percent till 2015 from the existing 55 percent.

>Education is one of the key priority areas of the government of Pakistan, but to increase the overall literacy rate of the country, it is essential to change the mindset of the communities especially in this patriarchal society. Said Timo Pakala

FATA EDUCATION FOUNDATION (FAEF) is an autonomous organization, created under the act parliament, to deal with dismal state of education in the Federally Administered Tribal (FATA) areas of Pakistan.

But FATA is also facing problems because many of the schools destroyed and the studies of students discontinued. Although the teachers are coming and teaching students in open atmosphere but weather conditions are not favorable all of the time.

Now it is required to make several teams to reestablish the environment of teaching in the particular ruin areas.

I willll continue by agreeing with the though and mindset of TImo Pakkala. We still need to change our ways of thinking. Although Pakistan has become very advance in education and in liberty of women but even then the ratio of women education is Pakistan is less than men.


There is an unbelievable difference between the literacy rate of male and female in Pakistan even though there are hundreds of organizations working for the right of women.

So the sole purpose of those organizations should not be earning money on the name of poor girls but to let them have their right to be educated. Government in that case should strain the genuine organizations and offer its complete cooperation.

The comparison of girls and boys are not for the sake of bias opinions. If we do not want girls to lead at least we can afford them to be by our side. According to a general grading review 2024

Boys scored higher on information style and commitment in Pakistani

Culture whereas girls were higher on information and diffuse-avoidant style and boys scored higher on commitment in individualist culture. Similarly for causality orientation boys were high on autonomous and impersonal orientation as compared to girls who scored higher on controlled orientation in Pakistani culture whereas in individualist culture boys were higher on autonomous orientation and girls on controlled.

The gender difference for psychological well-being was not appeared significant for Pakistani sample but for individualist sample girls were higher on psychological well-being as compared to boys. So if the girls are giving their best then we should not deprive them from their basic right.

Its time to go towards ASER and PSLM report as u must be knowing that ASER - The Annual Status of Education Report is the largest citizen led; household based initiative that aims to provide reliable estimates on the schooling status of children aged 3-16 years residing in all rural and few urban districts of Pakistan.

ASER (Annual Status of Education Report) updates are as follows;

And PSLM (Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement)

The PSLM Project is designed to provide Social & Economic indicators in the alternate years at provincial and district levels. The project was initiated in July 2004 and will continue up to June 2015.  Another important objective of the PSLM Survey is to try to establish the distributional impact of development programs; whether the poor have benefited from the program or whether increased government expenditure on the social sectors has been captured by the better off.

The sample size of PSLM surveys district level is approximately 80000 households and approximately 18000 at Provincial level.


PSLM work in progress is:

>Field work of PSLM round X District level Survey (2014-15) is in progress and likely to complete by June 2015.

>Data Processing of Round IX National/Provincial Survey (Social& HIES) (2013-14) is in progress.

According to me there is more need to create Pressure on following points to bring forever Change:

>Remove Child Labor

>Pointing out Ghost School

>Girls Education, Early child marriage & Equality of Education

>Missing Facilities

>Make sure 100% attendance of Teachers

>Play Ground & curricular activities

>Regular monitoring of schools

After having a look on the works of PSLM and ASER we are really hopeful the educational system in Pakistan will increase and improve day by day and we will be able to compete the whole world with the power of our words and ability of action in our education system.




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