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Digital Street School

This project aims to identify victims of child labor who aren’t able to attend school and learn via typical schooling system. We are engaging this community and teaching them with primary educations via digital learning system (i.e. Tablets, Laptops, Multimedia). Digital Street School will facilitate child labor and urge them for education by its unique methodology and activities execution. Trainers from MAPS will take sessions with children for 6 months and develop interest for education and its importance by conducting activities, use of technology, model school visits, success stories and brain storming of children. The ultimate purpose of this project is to enroll children after 6 months into government schools and contribute to reduce number of child labor in district.

Our Partners

We are seeking for the recruitment of partners to work together for provision of quality education, youth development, career counseling and ecumenical placidity work. Mentor Amiable Professional Society aims to bring positive reforms in community by advocating, mobilizing youth by raising voice on Inculcation, Women & Youth Potentiation, Gender Parity, Climate Change and Tranquility. It additionally envisions on providing a platform for youth to practice their skills. Main purpose of this partnership is to focus more to achieve our goals and to have a handsome audience to accomplish that. Through this call for partners or executive partners will collaborate to carry out initiatives for inculcation sectors. We will hope both organizations collaborate to achieve goals and work for the betterment of our youth and society.

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