Young Professional Fellowship.

Young Professional Fellowship is a series of intensely illuminating programs designed for the global youth falling in the age group of 16-35. It’s a prolific journey in which you will thoroughly experience self-contemplation and engagement with amazing young people around the world. Furthermore, these fellowship programs highlight cross-cultural exchange, global friendship, self-exploration, leadership development, and youth empowerment. Be the ambassador of change and win an opportunity to learn, explore, and travel!!!

Founder's Message

Kamran Zafar


I am constantly inspired to do better than I have done before & continue to succeed at times when all odds have been against me. What I have learned is that end of everything is the beginning of another thing. In the same way, every exit is an entry somewhere else. Moreover, every finish line is the beginning of a new race. I simply want to elaborate that your own apparent failures & disappointments are not the end of your life. Because you don’t fail in life, you only produce results and you have all the right to learn & move on.

Muhammad Ahmad

Vice Chairman

We are responsible to act & behave like a culpable citizen & put up our part to make this world a better place to live in. I always take challenges as opportunities & we all need to understand it as grasping situations with innovative ideas & exercising leadership to develop & engage others in social work. I've always championed young people’s right to gain local, high-quality, counseling & support services because engaging remarkable youth presents a significant confront in our society as they are often detached from & distrust the systems in which they live.

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MAPS have been working for youth

MAPS has been working for youth, vocation orientation and ecumenical placidity work since 2012. We are playing a paramount role at MAPS in the capacity building and development of Southern Punjab youth. We are withal aiming at Sustainable

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We are seeking the recruitment of partners to work together for provision of quality education, youth development, career counseling, and ecumenical placidity work. Mentor Amiable Professional Society aims to bring positives

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MAPS is a Youth-Led Organization that advocates for provision of Quality Education, mobilizes young people to engage them in community empowerment programs, highlighting & amplifying voices on social issues. We intend to build a platform









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