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What we do?

MAPS have been working for youth, vocation orientation and ecumenical placidity work since 2012. We are playing a paramount role at MAPS in the capacity building and development of Southern Punjab youth. We are withal aiming at Sustainable Development Goals assigned by the United Nations. There are additionally other projects we are a component of like Digital Street School, Momentum - Series of Workshops, Global Peace Chain and Career Orientation. Mentor Amiable Professional Society aims to bring positive reforms in the community by advocating, mobilizing youth by raising voice on Inculcation, Women Empowerment, Youth Potentiation, Climate Change and Tranquility. It additionally envisions providing a platform for youth to practice their skills. MAPS started its burgeoning from Southern Punjab in 2012 and have been actively engaged in the process of facilitating and mobilizing our young generation and their inclusion in Social Activities. We have raised and amplified the voices of many young peoples and have been working for those who are striving to see change in the world on various national and international forums.

News Room

MAPS press release on Food Drive

Due to COVED-19 the labors and people with minimum wages were badly affected and Maps started food drive in which one month’s grocery was given to needy people.Food Drive was divided into three phases.In first phase almost 200+ houses were covered Rahim Yar Khan and nearby villages.

MAPS press release on COVID

Maps started its awareness campaign in early 2020 to avoid the fatal virus of COVID-19. Maps started social media campaign and MAPS Chairman Kamran Zaffar addressed the nation that we should protect ourselves as well as our society by staying home, working from home and use mask when going outside of your homes.

MAPS press release on Career Counseling

Maps held a Career Counseling Session in Govt. College of Women. Various issues were raised in regard of Education for women. Students were guided to persist towards their academic journey in future by this career counseling session. VC of MAPs mentioned that MAPs give its best support to such students.

MAPS press release on MAC

Maps organized MAPS ART CHAMPIONSHIP in 2017, on the wall of Khawaja Fareed Government College in which many students from school, colleges and universities participated .Students participated in wall painting and calligraphy projects. Women empowerment, child labor, importance of knowledge and justice were the topics of competition.

MAPS press release on Career Counseling

MAPs has arranged a seminar in Punjab College and Soot College Liaqat Pur about career counselling.In this seminar students were instructed about the courses of several universities.President MAPs Muhammad Ahmad, General Secretary MAPs Ahmad Toor were present there. Principal and Faculty members also attended the seminar.

MAPS press release on Career Counseling in Patuki

MAPS conducted a program in Lahore, Patuki for rising awareness in students. Information that can play vital role in fulfilling students’ future dreams.Introduction of all Medical fields was covered in program so that students can chose their profession. Principal M.Ismail Rao and many teachers also participated in program.

MAPS press release on Momentum

The opening ceremony of the project momentum of the maps was held at a local hotel under the auspices of the society. Chaired by Chairman, Imran Zafar. He said momentum is a unique step of this style which is the hidden talent of youth highlighting the capabilities, it will play its role in addressing the important issues of society in a positive way.

MAPS press release on Edhi Forum

MAPS conducted Edhi Forum in 2016 to pay tribute to real life hero of Pakistan and whole world, Abdul Sattar Edhi (Late). Society members attended this forum. The life of Abdul Sattar Edhi and his examplery services for humanity was discussed in the forum. The life of Abdul Sattar Edhi is a great model for all those peaple who want to help other peaple.

MAPS press release on Eid Party

MAPS conducted Eid Millan Party under their project Pehla Kadam in Thalassemia center of Shaikh Zaid Medical College, Rahim Yar Khan. In this occasion, team members shared interesting stories and pleasent incidents with children. Project Manager of Pehla Kadam, Rizwan Sadiq encouraged the children for fighting with thalassemia.

MAPS press release on Phela Qadam

Educational activity was held on project “Pehla Kadam” under supervision of MAPS. City Coordinator Umar Aslam and his team gathered the children who don’t go to school and advised them in education prospective and distributed free books. MAPS is giving free education to the children targeted by child labor and not attend the school.

MAPS press release on Workshop

MAPS and University of Lahore conducted Quick Book software workshop in K.F.U.E.I.T. Students appreciated this advanced level workshop.Muhammad Kamran Zaffar, Muhammad Ahmed, Shabbir Muhammad Wakas, Imran Farooq, Rizwan Sadiq, Ahmed Toor, and other members appreciated University of Lahore.

MAPS press release on Global Peace Chain

The student of Islamia University Bahawalpur and President MAPS Muhammad Ahmed participated in fourth Global Peace Forum 2016, held in capital of Azir Bye Jan , Baku. Many guest from all over the world talked on different international affairs.Muhammad Ahmed talked on religious dialogue and cultural disagreement on this occasion.

MAPS press release on Charsadda Attack

Maps society organized to pray for martyrs of Charsadda University Attack in 2016. Students and members of Maps prayed for peace in Pakistan. Attendees said that attack on educational institutes is not an act of bravery and students of Pakistan proved that they want peace in this region and are not afraid to fight for peace.

MAPS press release on EXPO

MAPS EXPO 2015, was held in a hotel. Different stalls of different universities were arranged for intermediate students. Ceremony was held successfully under supervision of Kamran Zaffar, President Muhammad Ahmed, and general sectary Muhammad Waqas Kambo. Maiza Hamid, Gujjar Makhdum, Adil ul Rehman Hashmi were the chief guest.

MAPS press release on Parents Counseling

MAPS organized a parents counseling session in Kareem_Abad. MAPS Chairman Kamran Zaffar addressed the parents and said that they should struggle to give their children better education to help them grow.Jam Amir Nawaz, Jam Bashir Ahmed, Jam M.Afazl, Jam M.Rasheed, Jam Bilal Ahmed and Jam Abaidulla attended the session.

MAPS press release on EXPO

MAPS organized first ever education expo in 2014 to help students choose their career according to their interest .Educational Expo yield good results because students were able to interact with many universities and explore their options for career choosing. Universities all over the country participated in this Expo and helped students.

MAPS press release on Humanity Day

On Internarial Humanity Day MAPS, visited Sheikh Zaid Hospitals’ Cardiology and Thalassemia ward and met with the patients in ward .Members also donated blood to thalassemia patients. Maps chairman Kamran Zafar, VC Muhammad Ahmed, Jahanzaib Arshad ,Afeera Majeed, Mahnoor Fatima and others were also present.

Our Partners

We are seeking for the recruitment of partners to work together for provision of quality education, youth development, career counseling and ecumenical placidity work. Mentor Amiable Professional Society aims to bring positive reforms in community by advocating, mobilizing youth by raising voice on Inculcation, Women & Youth Potentiation, Gender Parity, Climate Change and Tranquility. It additionally envisions on providing a platform for youth to practice their skills. Main purpose of this partnership is to focus more to achieve our goals and to have a handsome audience to accomplish that. Through this call for partners or executive partners will collaborate to carry out initiatives for inculcation sectors. We will hope both organizations collaborate to achieve goals and work for the betterment of our youth and society.

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